Our know-how is your assurance of a consistent, delightfully tender, subtle flavored product. Top-quality feed tailored to the animal’s individual needs, together with daily care provided by experienced producers and an optimal environment all contribute to providing quality meat synonymous with Delimax.​


Exclusively fed with top-notch milk replacer, Delimax milk-fed calves provide meat that stands out by its color, tenderness and juiciness. In addition, thanks to our group housing facilities, Delimax milk-fed calves enjoy a pleasant living environment where they can socialize, move around and develop naturally​.


Grain-fed calves produce tender, lightly marbled, mild-flavored meat. In addition to offering competitive pricing and healthy nutrient content, it can please even the most discriminating palates. All our production sites meet the most exacting animal welfare standards. They also comply with Quebec grain-fed calf (Veau de grain du Québec) certification standards, which guarantees first-rate quality meat.​


By applying the same diligence in raising lambs as we do calves, our lamb meat is flavorful, tender and juicy. A balanced diet of grain, loving care and healthy environmental conditions provide an excellent combination for producing lamb at its best.​


Production of grain and forage that go into feeding our animals is also a key element of our business model. Day in, day out, from spring to fall, our field teams engage in producing top-quality grains and forage. And thanks in part to this short raw material supply chain, we can minimize the ecological footprint of our agricultural operations.


We raise our calves and lambs through a network of corporate and affiliated farms. For a long time now, our production environment has met the most exacting animal welfare standards. By controlling overall farming operations, we can regularly supply our plants and, following production, fill retailer shelves.​