The Delimax group is a family-owned, Quebec-based enterprise founded in 1989. By integrating each step in veal production (from feed to farm to harvesting and processing through distribution) into our business model, and combining our strengths with those of other business partners and families, we have consolidated our leadership position in the veal industry across the Americas.​


Producers work seven days a week. What a commitment! It is our duty to support them with the same level of commitment. All efforts expended by our technical services must therefore converge toward facilitating producers' work and adding value and improvement to their results. Each element of our services, whether technical support, equipment, or layout plans, has to allow producers to attain their objectives. Our equipment consulting services boast of several innovations to their credit: more effective mixers, milk food preparation automation, feeding robots and distribution rails, just to name a few. Husbandry unit design and layout are also integral to the Delimax group’s field of expertise.​


Every year, over one million dollars is exclusively dedicated to Research and Development in our specialized group housing facilities of 1500 head. Projects are plentiful, but objectives are more or less the same: performance optimization, knowledge and animal well-being improvement, all contributing to our maintaining a competitive edge.


The Delimax group’s two manufacturing plants handle procurement of milk replacers. They produce milk foods that precisely match our animals' needs. Their technology is unique in North America, and ensures that milk products, once reconstituted, are balanced, standardized and palatable for the animals.​


A determining step in the produc-tion process livestock transport is taken care of by our dedicated service: DOFAX Transport. Its specialized drivers, custom-built trailers made to measure for animals’ needs, and sanitary control rules applied on a daily basis all contribute to guaranteeing end product quality. And it does not stop there. Calf feed freshness requires rigorous procurement governance. This is why Dofax Transport assumes full delivery responsibility right up to the production site: freshness guaranteed.​


Our state-of-the-art, SQF-Certified abattoirs are among the highest-performing operations in North America. With both layout and equipment certified by Dr. Temple Grandin, we are able to assure humane animal handling throughout the entire process.

Food safety and security standards are the same as in our food manufacturing plants (HACCP).


Our three processing plants offer our clients a broad line of products packaged according to their needs. The Montpack plants located in Laval and Terrebonne, Quebec are both accredited by HACCP and SQF. Our American counterpart, Catelli Brothers, located in New Jersey, is certified by the USDA and also meets SQF standards.

We can therefore ensure that food safety and security are top priorities within our group.